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Top 5 Camping Hacks

Helpful camping tips and tricks

Tip 1

Prep and Pack

Cooking while camping can sometimes be tricky, especially when you can’t always bring all the necessary cooking utensils and equipment. That’s why it’s helpful to prepare ahead where you can. A great way to save on time is to wash and chop veggies at home. Keep them fresh by storing them in containers or reusable zip lock bags.

To prevent any cracked or broken eggs simply empty them into a jar and store in your chiller, ready to pour out as you need.

For an easy and tasty breakfast, put together a pre-made pancake mix at home and store in a jar. Then just add your wet ingredients and give it a good shake when you’re ready to use it.

To keep food fresh and chilled for longer, fill up large bottles with water and freeze. You can use these instead of ice packs that defrost quickly. Not only do they stay frozen for longer, you can drink the water once it’s defrosted.

Tip 2

Some Light

Although the Kai Iwi Lakes provide the perfect backdrop for endless summer activities, it’s always a good idea to have some activities for rainy days, evenings or when you just want to relax in the shade.

Small, compact and light, a pack of cards won’t take up much space in your gear but will offer some fun entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Tip 3

DIY Lamp

Try out this handy hack to create your own camp lantern. Simply use an old, washed out, large opaque milk bottle with the sticker removed. Fill it with water and then attach a headlamp around the outside, with the light pointing in. Simply turn on the headlamp and enjoy.

Tip 4

First Aid Kit

Be prepared with a first aid kit ready to go. Some essentials that can’t be missed are plasters, insect repellant, itchy-bite cream, aloe vera or after sun care and antiseptic cream.

Plus, in case of a first aid tent or air mattress emergency, be sure to pack some duct tape to quickly fix up any rips or breaks.

Tip 5

Keep Your Food
Safe From Pests

A handy hack to keep pesky ants from crawling through your food is to put a small container or tray under each table leg and fill them with water. This prevents the ants from being able to climb up and get to your food.